The affairs of the church are regulated by Orthodox Christian teachings, Apostolic Rules, practices of the Eastern-Orthodox Faith, the church bylaws and the laws governing charitable organizations in the Province of Ontario.

The Church Board

Throughout the history of Holy Trinity, the Church Board has worked hard to strengthen the church community and meet the religious and social needs of parishioners and members. Social life associated with the church has always been active. Many activities take place in the church hall and garden: dramas, concerts, socials, lectures, picnics, cultural gatherings and performances.

Along with the Canadian-born worshipers, a large number of new immigrants work hard for the glory of God and the prosperity of the church – our common spiritual home and cultural and social center for Macedonian-Bulgarian Canadians.

The parish is now a community of old-established immigrant families, who have great-grandchildren here, and the more recently-arrived immigrants. Canada is our common home and the pride of our ancestors, mother language and our traditions unite us.

The backbone of the parish is the church membership (Preamble, Article 2 of the church Constitution and Bylaws).

Eligible persons who desire to become church members are always welcome to participate in the membership process (Petition Form for Membership). The application will be reviewed and responded in a timely manner.


In Memoriam

Protopresbyter Blagoy Tchiflianov (1923-2018)
With deep sorrow we announce the death of our beloved former parish priest (1982-1992) Protopresbyter Professor Blagoy Tchiflianov. On October 28, 2018 the distinguished Bulgarian clergyman, who tirelessly worked on God’s Field presented himself in His Kingdom.
A vigil was held at our church, Holy Trinity, which he so much loved and supported until his death. The funeral service was officiated by Fr. Velitchko MIhaylov, Fr. Valery Shoumarov (Vicar of the Spiritual District of Toronto and former student of Prof. Tchiflianov at the Theology Faculty in Sofia) and Fr. Boris Drangov. The vigil was co-officiated by Fr. Vesselin Arnaudov. At the burial place officiated also the priests Fr. Milan Radulovic and the new priest of St. John of Rila in Niagara Falls, Father Simeon Ivanov. 
The loss of Father Tchiflianov was announced on the official website of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. We as a parish mourn the departure of Father Blagoy, whom we owe much gratitude and express our deep condolences to his family.
Brief biography.

Nikola Shaykov (1912-1996)
„We will never know how many countrymen lived with the name Bulgaria in their hearts during their lifetime. They are innumerable. But let's strive with our deeds to deserve the right to call ourselves their younger brothers.” Nikola Shaykov
Article by Vassil Popvassilev. Photos.

Votive Offering by Batov Family
On May 10th 2015 in honour of the Day of St. George the Batov Family gave the traditional votive offering.
This is a festive family tradition that marks every year a happy rescue or saving out of trouble. The church parish and many friends celebrated with Oleg, Alexandra, Nick and remotely with Eva and Horacio from Turin, Italy.
Photo gallery

Chris (Risto) Maleganoff (1931 – 2001)
March 14th is anniversary of the passing of a good friend, church member and long years supporter Chris (Risto) Maleganoff. His son Danny (Done) and the rest of the family kindly accepted to help with a short biography and portraits of this modest and devoted church member. Bog da prosti Chris!
Short biography. Photos.

Foty Koroloff
On February 15th, 2015 we marked the 40 days of passing of a dear friend – Foty Koroloff.
In presence of the family, many friends and the parish, a memorial service was held by V. Rev. Velitchko Mihailov. Brotherly lunch was served courtesy of the family.
Photo gallery

Assen Petrov Kotzeff, P.Eng.
Biographical Notes - January 15, 2015 and Photos.

Nikola Boyadjieff (1920 – 2014)
Eulogy for Nikola Boyadjieff - October 11, 2014 and Photos.

Jim and Dita Ouslis (1922-2012), (1929-2012)
Biographical Notes and Photos.

Georg (Georgi) Varadev (1925-2013)
A Tribute to George Varadev, based on biographical notes kindly presented by George Mladenov. Photo gallery.

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