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Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity,
Macedonian-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario.

The church is fully open for worshippers!
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An Important Appeal to the Parishioners and Members of our church

It is my hope that you are all doing well and that we can all again meet face to face once this dreaded pandemic is over. I take great pride in the fact that we have over 100 participants following our online, virtual services, many of whom are not regular parishioners, and that we are the only church in our diocese that is providing such services in the greater Toronto area. Thank you Otets Velichko and Popadia Svetlana!
It has been well over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the normalcy of our religious life. So far, we have gone through two lockdowns (and are now going through a third) with limited Divine Liturgy attendance to 10 people including our priest and choir. There were other times where we were allowed 30% capacity (48 people) and most recently 15% capacity (24 people). These limited capacities have had a devastating effect on our income— income that is necessary to pay our bills and keep the church going. 

The loss of rental income due to the provincial government restrictions has been equally as devastating! Even though our Montessori School has been able to operate at full capacity since the end of the first pandemic, our other usual sources of rental income that include the Karate School, the Arts Group and private rentals of our church hall for parties and other celebrations are still non-existent.

To help us keep our heads above water, I appeal, on behalf of our church board, to all members to pay your membership dues for 2021. I also appeal to all parishioners to consider making donations for the financial health of our church. Easter is almost here and what better way is there to celebrate the resurrection of Christ than to make a donation to our cherished Holy Trinity Church. It is also our hope that parishioners consider makinh regular monthly donations if at all possible at least until the return to normal times. The amount of these donations is not an issue; every little bit helps! The donations are tax deductible, official receipts are issued.

You can make your donations in person on any Sunday before, during or after the Divine Liturgy or by writing and mailing a cheque to:
“Holy Trinity Church” at
201 Monarch Park Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario, M4J 4R9.

Thank you for considering our appeal for help. May God bless all of you and your families. 
With Love in Christ,
Nick Stefanoff - President Board of Directors

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Our church is primarily a religious institution with additional cultural-educational functions.

It is under no obligation whatsoever to support any political organizations, groups or countries.

The Holy Trinity church is a spiritual home of faithful Eastern-Orthodox Christians from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Canada. It is part of the Bulgarian Eastern-Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia.

The Congregation of Holy Trinity is a charitable organization, governed by its entire membership through a democratic vote at a general meeting. The Diocese as ecclesiastical guide and authority provides us with canonical administration.

The church raises operating income in a number of ways: donations, rent, stole-fees for priestly services, candle sales, the annual bazaar, calendar sales, group festivities and holidays.

The church offers for rent the newly renovated church hall for private events and cultural activities.

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