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Welcome to the website of Holy Trinity,
Macedonian-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church in Toronto, Ontario.

For the time being the church is not open for public worship services in accordance with the governmental regulations.

A Note from Nick Stefanoff, President of Holy Trinity's Church Board:

Many people who have enjoyed our online church services and sermons have expressed a desire to make donations to our church. This is usually done in person but the Coronavirus pandemic has put an end to this procedure. For those interested in making a donation, we are working on creating an on-line solution for this problem. In the meantime, donations can be made by simply mailing a cheque made out to Holy Trinity Church.

The address of the church is as follows:
Holy Trinity Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church
201 Monarch Park Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J 4R9

Our church is primarily a religious institution with additional cultural-educational functions.

It is under no obligation whatsoever to support any political organizations, groups or countries.

The Holy Trinity church is a spiritual home of faithful Eastern-Orthodox Christians from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Canada. It is part of the Bulgarian Eastern-Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia.

The Congregation of Holy Trinity is a charitable organization, governed by its entire membership through a democratic vote at a general meeting. The Diocese as ecclesiastical guide and authority provides us with canonical administration.

The church raises operating income in a number of ways: donations, rent, stole-fees for priestly services, candle sales, the annual bazaar, calendar sales, group festivities and holidays.

The church offers for rent the newly renovated church hall for private events and cultural activities.

Poseshtenie Avraam
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